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Shoukasonjuku is the private school where Shouin Yoshida educated the young men. Shouin is the thinker who recited the Restoration at the end of the Tokugawa government era. He was born in Hagi, Choshu Domain at 1830. When young, he learned strategy academy, and traveled in the whole country, and had uneasiness against Japan. Although he succeeded the private school named Shoukasonjuku, his uncle opened in Hagi, the activity to overthrow the Shogunate government had been revealed. Then the private school was closed down in a little more than two years. He educated Shinsaku Takasugi and many other young men who turned into the Japanese leaders in the next era during less than only two years. In 1859, Shouin was executed at the age of 30. Shoukasonjuku is a very small building, and is still saved carefully.

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