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Support of translation into English:
When you write the inquiry or the answer, this site can support the use of the charge-free translation site where a certain mother language is translated into English, though the Environmental Plazas are English.
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‘The international students will create Asian future’.
Under the above slogan, this web site has been opened and supervised for international students in Japan since 2005.

‘International students Plaza’ locating at the center of this site, can be utilized by exchanging helpful information of financial support and acceptance from various companies as well as Japanese culture and customs. Furthermore, must-see contents of ‘Sayings of the great men’ and ‘Environmental issues and/or technologies’ are included.

Three linked type waterwheel(Asakura,Japan)
Model use of natural energy

Asian future is up to way of thinking, living and good showing of you, international students and graduates!
Let’s live and learn together competing with each other!
Site master strongly hope that my dream, sustainable Asian prosperity originating from the international student’s exchange, comes true in the near future.

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Taigongwang    Shoukasonjuku

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Mr. Md. Moin
(PIKT Corpotation)
We will solve the problems of Japanese companies expanding their business in Bangladesh with one-stop service by JBBC (Japan Bangladesh Business Center), which will be built in the capital Dhaka.
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Mr. Kazufuku Nitta
Mr. Masakatzu Motoki
Ms Alice M. King
Mr. Mo Bangfu
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