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Support of translation into English:
When you write the inquiry or the answer, this site can support the use of the charge-free translation site where a certain mother language is translated into English, though the Environmental Plazas are English.
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Square rules

Japanese Page

1.In order to carry the good communication with a sufficient feeling in the comfortable environment, e-Taigongwang and School fellows in this “Communication & Exchange Square” should follow the rules described below.

Use only English.
Use only a text file.
Don't attach files, such as pictures.
The size of mail should not exceed 20KB (a standard is 3,000 characters).
Don't use free mail.
Don't slander others.
Accept the difference in mutual ethnic groups.
Accept the difference in a mutual custom.
Don't carry out religion activity.
Don't carry out political activity.
Don't carry out the entry aiming at profit.

Accept the punishment of not accessing or being rejected from this site due to the severe violation of above-mentioned promise for a while.

2. This site does not care about dealings which derived from a direct and
concrete relationship between e-Taigongwang and the School fellow. This site does not have responsibility to the dealing described above.

3. By the statute of Japan, export of the technology concerning a planning, manufacture, and use of the integrated circuit more than a certain technical level is set to " Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law " including the coping method from a viewpoint on safe guarantee trade. 
The School fellow needs to investigate and judge the statute well, and needs to follow and correspond to the law. Please perform on your own responsibility the export and the import of technology applicable to the statute.
This site does not have responsibility about the correspondence to the statute generated after utilizing this Squares.

The judging standard of the technology of being concerned is whether the technology is indispensable or not. 
For example, the technology in the research activities of the basic science fields does not need permission to technical offer dealings when they are not aiming at design or manufacture of specific products.

Participation of e-Syoukasonjyuku
1.Site master checks the description whether it is following the rule or not.
2. Site master has the right to reject the written contents if it is inappropriate for this site.
3. Site master may erase the contributed contents displayed up before.
4. Site master may change the contents of this site without a preliminary