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Support of translation into English:
When you write the inquiry or the answer, this site can support the use of the charge-free translation site where a certain mother language is translated into English, though the Environmental Plazas are English.
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How to use Square

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How to use Square

We are managing this site, thinking that it is useful to the international student who learns in Japan.
‘International students Plaza’ locating at the center of this site, can be utilized by exchanging helpful information of financial support and acceptance from various companies as well as Japanese culture and customs.
Furthermore, must-see-content ’Plaza for Environmental issues and/or technologies’ are included.
How to use those four “Communication Plazas” is explained.

About e-Taigongwang
●Meaning of e-Taigongwang
Those who post or contribute to various communication Plazas are called like this on this web site.
●The role of contributor (e-Taigongwang)
When contributing information, an opinion, and a question along form, it will be published on a site by a handle name.
A contributor's contact address and name are not displayed on the communication Plazas.

about the orign of e-Taigongwang

About School fellow
●Meaning of School fellow
Supporters in various countries who reply to the inquiry or opinion are called like this on this web site.
●The role of supporter, comment person (School fellow)
He replies a contributor's information, opinion, and question.
The handle name and the first part of three comments that replied speedy are indicated on this web site.
(The replied person's contact address and the whole contents of their answers are not indicated.)
The contributor only who contributed to the Plaza can know the contact address and the full contents of the comment person answered to the inquiry.

About e-Shoukasonjuku
●Meaning of e-Shoukasonjuku
e-Shoukasonjuku is the handle name of the Webmaster.
●The role of webmaster (e-Shoukasonjuku)
He confirms that the content of the inquiry and it’s answers follow the site rule. He supports e-Taigongwang with School fellows, and exert effort to the problem solving. He manages this site correctly and promotes multi-national exchange and international exchange in the East Asia.

about the orign of e-Shoukasonjuku

The purpose of four “Communication Plazas”
The purpose of the Plazas is to disclose the opinion or the problems which international student possesses, and to support him (or her) by colleagues living in many countries by considering privacy. Person name “e-Taigongwang”, same as this site name, is active and ambitious young men, including international student, in the East Asia.

A participant's benefit 
●Contributor (e-Taigongwang)
He obtains the chance to learn many from others in the East Asia.
Creation of original networks
Minimum information disclosure (Privacy protection)
He can choose whom to contact.

●Comment person (School fellow)
Creation of the original networks.
Contribution to society. 
Privacy protection
Those who answer quicker get the chance to contact to Contributor.
The answers of three comment persons will be accepted.

The place of publication
International students Plaza and three environmental related Plaza spaces
International students Plaza
Environment, Energy Conservation & Efficiency, Electronics

The usage
Contributor: Please open and write your opinion or the problems in the inquiry (entry) form.
Comment person: Please read the “Communication Plaza” by clicking and opening it, write a reply in the answer (comment) form.

Inquiry form: International students Plaza
Environment, Energy Conservation & Efficiency, Electronics
Square rules
Privacy policy

The features of this “Communication Plaza”
The features of this “Communication Plaza” are as follows ;
(1) Use either English or Japanese in participating ‘International students Plaza’.
And use only English in participating environmental related Plazas. This site supports the use of the translation software when you use a certain language.

(2) Private information is not displayed in this site, and a handle (nickname) is allowed to be used in the open stage of this Plaza. However the contribution to the Plaza form does not receive anonymity.
A country or an area name (selection formula), the full name, the affiliation, and the e-mail address are indispensable for the entry. (Please go through the privacy policy about management of the personal information which was described in this site).

(3) In the Plaza relevant to environment, comment person are not allowed to respond the contribution when he (or she) has the same nationality. Namely, persons other than Chinese only can answer the question from Shanghai.
(Please remind that the cooperation between nations is the fundamental purpose of this site.)