Concept of “Electronics”
Let’s build up the vital activity and earth-friendly technology for the East Asia by developing electronic industry.
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Category of Electronics

3D display

A 3D display is any display device capable of conveying three-dimensional images to the viewer. The optical principles of multiview auto-stereoscopy have been known for over a century. Practical displays with a high resolution have recently become available at much lower prices. As a result, the commercialization of 3D displays for entertainment is receiving increasing funding.
Types of 3D displays
Computer-generated holography
Volumetric displays

Each of these display technologies can be seen to have limitations, whether the location of the viewer, cumbersome or unsightly equipment or great cost. Overcoming the latter is perhaps the key challenge for the budding 3-dimensional imaging sector. The acquisition of artifact-free 3D images remains difficult. Photographers, videographers, and professionals in the broadcast and movie industry are unfamiliar with the complex setup required to record 3D images. There are currently no guidelines or standards for multi-camera parameters, placement, and post- production processing, as there are for conventional 2D television.

September 14, 2009 9:07 PM by bluedragon(Singapore / Malaysia)

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