Concept of “Energy Conservation & Efficiency”
For the prevention of global warming, let’s utilize mutual experience and superior technology concerning energy conservation.
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Category of Energy Conservation & Efficiency

A lower temperature exhaust heat recovery of the boiler by the furnace desulfurization

I listened in ”Environmental preservation technological course” of Ube City yesterday.
I felt admiration for the lecture of Mr. Takahiko Terada (Ube Industries ltd.) very much.
It is a technology that does a lower temperature exhaust heat recovery of the boiler by the furnace desulfurization.
That is, it becomes sulfuric acid as SO3 included in flue gases reacts with water if it usually falls in temperature in the equipment that collects heat.
Because the device corrodes to those acids, the heat of the low temperature cannot usually be collected.
It is a problem of the acid dew-point.

Terada et al. solved the problem by the idea to make put the Ca source in the boiler and react with SO3.
The desulfurizer was selected.
In addition, the method of input of the desulfurizer to the boiler was examined.
The big result was consequentially achieved to the cooperation between the industry of cement and the coal-fired thermal power.
The result of the explanation is wonderful.
The spread of this technology to the world is expected.

September 16, 2010 1:17 PM by lin(Japan)

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From cz (China) September 18, 2010 2:00 PM

Where is the detaile...

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