Purpose of “Foreign Students Square”
for Foreign student studying in Japan:
Please use this site for your studying abroad to get fruitful learning and the human network making.

for Graduate:
Please use this site to communicate with the alumni, junior and alma mater.

The friend is the persons to hope for the foreign student's support and international exchange.
This is the same mechanism as “Communication & Exchange Square” excluding the following.
(1) Language used:
For many people's easy participation, all participants can use either Japanese or English. Please select the language by yourself.

(2) Participant:
1.Foreign student studying in Japan.
2.Graduate (Former international student)
3.Friend ( Persons, excluding the above-mentioned, including Japanese supporter.)

(3) Even the person in the same country can write the reply. (The answering person doesn't have the limitation.)

How to use Square
Square rules
The handle name is displayed.
Only the handle name named by yourself is displayed on this “Foreign students Square”, though writing full name is indispensable for the entry (or comment).
Entry (Inquiry)
Please enter from " Entry (Inquiry) " when you write article.
Only the person who had written the article can read the comment (advice) full text using the password.

英語落語(えいご らくご)は初めて聞きました。

英国・リバプール出身のバイリンガル落語家「ダイアン吉日」さんの話はめちゃ面白かった。 日本に来た時の初体験、驚き、文化の違い、日本人から受けるワンパターンの質問などは自身の体験からも納得! 年齢を聞くなどはやっぱしまずいのですね!(当然でしょう)  英語の落語は初めて聞きました。わかりやすい英語落語でした。
ラフターヨガ講師としての話も出色。 「明るい人の周りに明るい人が笑う」。 納得。

July 11, 2016 9:09 AM by genjin(Japan)
classification: 3. Friend 友人(including Japanese Supporter)

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