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A supporting message to International Students.

When I (Masakatzu Motoki) came to Japan in 1989 at age 17, I had not such ambition of becoming the bridge of Japan and China. I came from the countryside of Fujian Province to Japan and went to school while I did part time job.
When I went abroad then, all expenditures did not rely on my parents, unlike present international students. It was exactly like emigrant working situation. I spent day after a day in doing part time job to earn tuition, and squeezed out time to study. It was the basic life pattern then.

 At first, I did the dishes washing up. Then I heard from my colleague there was a place where hourly-wage was good, I transferred my job to Tukiji Fish Market. I got up at 4 am, and went to Shinbashi, there was not bus in service in that early time. 5 persons including me who did not know each other took 480 yen taxi together to the fish market and each of us paid 100 yen to taxi driver. I was welcomed by taxi-taking companions because my body was relatively small then.

 At working place, I only could say one word “Ha-yi(Yes)” , did not know “ Yi-ye(No)” or “Na-i(there are not)”. I only remembered the basic honorific saying. Although I knew the honorific word “Arimasen”, when I was told the ordinary same meaning word” Na-i”, I did not understand it. I was scolded by saying ”how didn`t you know such a simple word!”.

 While I worked as a part time worker, I learned Japanese language and graduated from university and had a job. Then I became independent and developed import business by myself. I established a business firm called “China Information Bureau” which aimed at letting Japanese people know the real situation of China. ......... ......

The above is part of Masakatzu Motoki's interview article.
from http://taigongwang.net/en/interview/003.php

January 23, 2017 8:45 PM by e-shoukasonjuku(Japan)
classification: 3. Friend 友人(including Japanese Supporter)

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